Mt Lebanon United Methodist Church's Podcast

The Building & The Body: A Two-Part Look at Ephesians and its Wisdom for the Modern Church



While Pastor Scott Miller recovers from surgery, some less-familiar voices will be heard from the pulpit at the 8:30 traditional service. This week and next, Mr. Mitchell Stecker will bring a two-part reflection on the rich and expansive guidance that the Apostle gives to the church in Ephesus in his epistle to them. We will be digging into this powerful book of scripture -- which has sometimes been rightly called the "Queen of the Epistles" -- to find how its deep, ancient theology and beautiful, poetic turns of phrase can be applied by Christ's body, the Church, today.Scripture reading: Ephesians 2:1-10Mr. Mitchell Stecker, guest preacher.Music permission obtained from ONELICENSE: A-700887. All rights reserved.Support the show (