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Broken VT In Downtown Seattle Transit Stations An Issue



Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. Today’s podcast news podcast is sponsored by elevatorbooks.com: www.elevatorbooks.com BROKEN VT IN DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TRANSIT STATIONS AN ISSUE A dozen escalators and one elevator in the four downtown stations of the Seattle transit tunnel remained broken as of the first week of July, Mass Transit reports. When 2021 began, 28 of the 58 escalators and elevators, all more than 30 years old, were inoperable at the stations when King County Metro handed over maintenance duties to Sound Transit. Sound Transit has hired a new contractor and budgeted US$8.7 million to nurse the old equipment along through 2023. Nearly all escalators will receive new step chains this year, and the first new escalators will arrive next year. The agency will replace every escalator over five to seven years, the biggest cost in its US$96-million tunnel-renovation budget. Replacement parts for the elevator should arrive this summer. But the source reports that full access to the train platforms