Polyamory Weekly

593 How do you handle going platonic?



Matt writes in to ask what to do after a partner asks to be platonic while she figures things out. Lusty Guy and Minx give advice. 0:00 Introduction and host chat If you’re under 18, visit scarleteen.com Let’s talk about snow and the polar vortex. Seattle snow was fun for us and our puppy, but Minx was worried about her family in Texas. 4:30 Lusty Guy’s Politics Corner We all learned about the pilgrims founding America to enjoy religious tolerance, but it’s not true. They decamped England and went to Amsterdam and then Leiden, where they faced no religious persecution. They stayed there for 10 years and ran for office in order to try to impose their religious views on everyone else. They weren’t fleeing religious persecution; they wanted to establish it. Smithsonian Magazine reference, the pilgrims’ time in Holland A primary reason the US government forbade membership in a specific church to run for office was because no one could agree on which church that should be. Want to find out more? Watch Stephen