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Provincetown Inclined Elevator Inspection Continues



Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. Today’s podcast news podcast is sponsored by elevatorbooks.com: www.elevatorbooks.com PROVINCETOWN INCLINED ELEVATOR INSPECTION CONTINUES The newly constructed inclined elevator at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is still going through inspections after being declared fully functional in April, the Cape Cod Times reports. “We’ve learned elevator controllers and elevator safety is quite rigorous,” said K. David Weidner, executive director of the monument and museum. “'Safety first,’ is our motto.” The elevator, known as the Bradford Access Project, is designed to use a 162-ft length of double rails to bring the 3000-lb glass cab, with up to 18 people at a time, up from Bradford Street to the top of High Pole Hill, which is approximately 85-ft high, in 2 min. This elevator is the first of its size and magnitude in the Commonwealth, the source reports. The project is going through a series of pre-inspections by the Massach