Making Queer History

Frieda Belinfante



Content Warning: Discussion of Second World War In this episode, Laura and Will look at the life of Frieda Belinfante and Will recommends Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts [Disclaimer: some of the sources may contain triggering material] “The Frieda Belinfante Collection.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Belinfante, Frieda. “Oral history interview with Frieda Belinfante.” Interview by Klaus Müller. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection. 31 May 1994. Transcript: BUT I WAS A GIRL, The Story of Frieda Belinfante. Dir. Tony Boumans Perf. Frieda Belinfant. Perf. Kenneth Kuhn. 1999. Documentary. Rosenthal, Michele. “Frieda Belinfante.” Queer Portraits.1 Dec 2016. Pasles,  Chris. “O.C. Musical Pioneer Frieda Belinfante Dies at 90 : Obituary:  She conducted the Orange County Phil