Making Queer History

Carlos Járegui



Will and Laura talk about Carlos Jáuregui and the impact of his life. We also discuss the importance of human connection in political movements and how loving a country should affect your politics. We recommend the movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire. You can find the documentary on Jáuregui here, it is in Spanish but YouTube provides auto-translated closed captions.  His biography, written by Mabel Bellucci, is called "Orgullo - Carlos Jáuregui, una biografía política", or "Pride - Carlos  Jáuregui , a political biography". You can find information about it here,  but we could not find an English version. You can find information about Portrait of a Lady on Fire here.    [Disclaimer: Some of the sources may contain triggering material.] Diverse Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Ciudad, 2 Oct. 2017, CCA Glasgow. SQIFFQueer Revolution: Carlos Jáuregui - The Unforgettable Fag. Centre for Contemporary Arts, 29 Sept. 2017,