Making Queer History

Yukio Mishima



In this episode, Laura and Will talk about the intricate and contradictory life of Yukio Mishima and recommend Ami McKay's book "The Witches of New York" which you can read more about here: Content warning for suicide, which is a subject in the entire podcast, but specifically discussed from 35:55 to 39:30.    Sources: [Disclaimer: Some of the sources may contain triggering material.] Belsky, Beryl. “Yukio Mishima: The Turbulent Life Of A Conflicted Martyr.” Culture Trip, The Culture Trip Ltd, 18 Oct. 2012. Flanagan, Damian. “Mishima and the Maze of Sexuality in Modern Japan.” The Japan Times, The Japan Times LTD., 14 Jan. 2017. Graham, Tom. “The Tragic Life and Death of Yukio Mishima.” Little White Lies, TCOLondon Publishing, 25 May 2016. Kelly, Richard T. “Rereading: The Sea of Fertility Tetralogy by Yukio Mishima.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 3 June 2011. Lanagan, Damian. “Yukio Mishima's Enduring, Unexpected Influence.” The Japan Times