Earning Freedom With Michael Santos

257: John Thomas and Success after three times in prison



Success After Three Times in Prison John Thomas started making bad decisions as a young man. He sold drugs and went to prison. While in prison, John continued making bad decisions. Those decisions resulted in his serving many years longer than he had to serve. He could’ve been released after five years. Yet his adjustment in prison resulted in his serving nine years. After he was released, John reverted to the type of behavior that got him into trouble the first time. Within 88 days, he returned to prison. Then he got out, again he returned to prison. In today’s podcast, John talks about what he learned through the experience. He also tells us what he wish he would’ve known at the start of his journey. Then he talks about how he built a business that has kept him crime free and living a much happier life as a self-employed entrepreneur. Learn from John Thomas’ success. He wrote the following open letter to describe more about his journey: My name is John Thomas early in my life I had a desire to help my famil