Earning Freedom With Michael Santos

197: Response to Criminal Students at SUNY Potsdam



While browsing through iTunes I saw four new reviews of the Earning Freedom podcast. Really great to see that students from Dr. Nancy Lewis’ class at the State University of New York are using the Earning Freedom podcast as a resource. I read reviews from Kim G, Danitza Mendez, and from Natalie Solano. JR also left a review. JR asked whether I thought whether we should require formerly incarcerated individuals to share their stories with others who were going through the system. In today’s podcast, I responded, letting JR know that I thought people were most effective when they were authentic. If we required people to spread a message, we may find that many people less than truthful. I hope that more innovative educators will follow Dr. Lewis’ example and use the Earning Freedom podcast as a tool to help more people understand prisons, the people they hold, and strategies to improve outcomes of our nation’s prison system. Help spread the word on why we should reform our prison system by subscribing, rating, a