Earning Freedom With Michael Santos

194: Michael Port Discusses The Art of Public Speaking



When I emerged from prison after 26 years, I wanted to build a career around my journey. Michael Port, author of numerous books helped me. While running in the early morning, I listened to an audio version of his mega bestseller Book Yourself Solid. His books offered actionable guidance that I appreciated. With an aim of sharing his wisdom with the Earning Freedom audience, I reached out and invited him to spend 30 minutes with us. I’m grateful to Michael for agreeing to his wisdom with our listeners.   Michael’s books include: Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, The Big Manifesto, and Steal the Show. He also hosts the popular podcast Steal the Show and, together with his wife Amy, founded Heroic Public Speaking. Together, Michael and Amy use Heroic Public Speaking as a resource to help people develop and master the art of public speaking. At MichaelPort.com, they offer an abundance of free content that anyone can use.   In my research to prepare for the podcast today, I found many strategies that we te