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193: Mastering Gratitude with Louie Schwartzberg



Today I spoke with renowned film producer and TED talk leader Louis Schwartzberg and film producer Lara Everly. They lead a number of entities that inspire people to appreciate the beauty in our world. Their work has reached tens of millions of people around the world. Some of their businesses include BlackLight Films, Moving Art, and Gratitude Revealed.   Through Gratitude Revealed, they produce short films that help people grasp strategies to grow through struggle. Lara Everly produced the short film called Creativity. It's one of 16 short films they use to teach others how they can live lives of gratitude. They partner with leading entertainment companies, including Oprah's OWN network and Disney to spread a positive message.   Lara directed the movie Creativity to help women who were int transition after serving decades in prison. I'm hoping their work will show more people who live in struggle that they they tap into the power within to build lives of meaning and relevance. For those who'd like to see th