Earning Freedom With Michael Santos

181: Aftermath of a Felony Conviction



Electrical Engineer Goes to Prison   James contacted the Earning Freedom podcast after seeing an article in the media that quote our show. When he told me that authorities convicted him for misprision of a felony, I asked him to explain. While in his role of working as an engineer for a utility company, authorities accused him of knowing about an ongoing criminal enterprise. His superiors manipulated bills that resulted in customers overpaying. After a guilty plea, a judge sentenced James to serve a prison term. While in prison, while in the halfway house, and while on supervised release, James kept his focus. Rather than allowing his criminal conviction to derail his life, James chose to rebuild. During the 20 years that have passed since his conviction, he has lived a full life. His story should give hope to people who experience the criminal justice system. There’s a way through the storm and into calmer seas.     Help spread the word on why we should reform our prison system by subscribing, rating, and re