Ascend Podcast

BP4: Lesley Fightmaster: The Yoga Response



In this episode of the Ascend podcast, Lesley Fightmaster Yoga  joins us for a mindful and very impactful deep conversation on Yoga and how you can apply the concepts to your life.  Lesley believes Yoga should be available for free for everyone to enjoy. Lesley has a very successful yoga channel on Youtube called Fightmaster Yoga  As-well as her Huge online foIlowing of over 130,000' very supportive community. Lesley's mission is to make yoga accessible throughout the world. Please join her awesome yoga community  . Lesley offers yoga classes from Ashtanga to vinyasa flow with classes for beginners to the veteran yogi.   Lesley began practicing yoga in San Francisco in 2000 as a way to start meditating and to connect spiritually.  Lesley is a certified instructor. She is also certified in the YogaWorks method of teaching. Her classes and teaching style are challenging but fun and she mixes humor with spiritual principles.  She also likes to sing and sometimes brings her guitar to play for Savasana. Prepare