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The book of Dust Episode 9 - La Belle Sauvage Chapters 23-25 featuring Holly (of The Dust podcast)



At long last, La Belle Sauvage comes to the end of its perilous journey, but not before a few obstacles. Holly from The Dust podcast helps us steer this story to its end and deliver Lyra to sanctuary.   CHAPTER 23 - ANCIENTRY CHAPTER 24 - MAUSOLEUM CHAPTER 25 - A QUIET RODE   Where to find Holly Holly's twitter: The Dust: A His Dark Materials Podcast — Lilibet Podcast (covering The Crown) — Lilibet Podcast site — Links mentioned Old Father Thames song —   ----- Eliana's twitter: Eliana's reddit account: Eliana's blog: Chloe's twitter: Chloe's blog: Intro by Alexander Nakarada