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ASOIAF Episode 116 - ADWD Davos III



All of White Harbor is a stage, but no one has given Davos the script... Thankfully, Davos Seaworth is a decent improvisor.  Battle inspiration from ThunderClap: A thank you to the following for lending us their voices: PoorQuentyn of Notacast  (Davos) Maester Merry of Learned Hands (Wynafryd) Clint of  Learned Hands (Wyman) Amy Alison (Leona) and JoeMagician  (Theomore) Stay The Course by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Bubbles & Streaming Water  --- Eliana's twitter: Eliana's reddit account: Eliana's blog: Chloe's twitter: Chloe's blog: Intro by Anton Langhage