Episode 042, Understanding Your Broken Moral Compass



Why do we do some of the things we do?  What mysteries lie beneath human behavior, including bad behavior? How can some people make decisions that harm themselves and others, and still live with themselves? How can people who do horrible things look themselves in the mirror?  How do sociopaths slip that far into such a dark place?  And, even if we are good people, how do we do sometimes do bad things without feeling bad about them?   This session deals with the issue of the "broken moral compass."    We'll talk about: Keeping secrets from ourselves The effects of lying to or ignoring our conscience How to make decisions by understanding the difference between "matters of conviction, conscience, and choice" The different conditions our conscience can have (strong, weak, seared), and what each of them means. Join us in this exciting discovery of our own hearts and the deep recesses of the human condition. It'll help you understand yourself and others better, leading to better relationships with people and wit