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#006 GROW...Even in the Summer Months



How many Chiropractic practices lag over the summer months?  On one hand we look forward to the "Days of Summer" and on the other hand we feel that knot in our stomach, dreadind the long list of re-scheduled patients, cancelled appointments, lagging collections and a paltry looking outreach and marketing calendar. Sound familiar?It turns out that preventing the summer lag a thriving practice in the summer ... can be a piece of cake.  But it depends on how you go about it. Warrior Coaching has monthly coaching calls that are exclusive to their clients that have never...ever...been made public.This episode of W1R is actually the July teleseminar - that is usually for clients only - and we have made it available for you.  Why?Because Dr's Yurij and Ed lay out a seven step plan of action to take a time of the year that so many of us dread and transform it into a time for thriving.