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301 - History's Silliest Duels



I demand satisfaction, and challenge you to listen to this episode! U.S. Presidents, U.K. Prime Ministers, artists, writers and a man who liked to get naked have all been challenged to duels. Whether their choice of weapon was a hot air balloon or a set of billiard balls, this episode is dedicated to history's silliest duels.Support the show and get rewards like bonus episodes: our 300th episode recorded live at Stupid Old Studios (with an extra quiz, and also 16 other episodes with bonus content): a ticket to our show at the Great Australian Podcast Festival on Nov 6: tickets to Matt's Live Taping at Stupid Old Studios: Buy tickets for our screening of The Mummy on September 10: Check out our AACTA nominated web series:​ Check out Matt’s Beer show: https://www.youtu