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Resident Evil Podcast #25 Resident Evil Wars!



Resident Evil Wars comes to the Crimson-Head Podcast! Our team of survival horror warriors grab their favourite Resident Evil game, and with their best fighting talk, furiously debate which game will rule them all! Across a range of categories including Graphics, Gameplay, Sound Design, Innovation, and Legacy, each contestant will passionately convince our guest judges from the 'First Aid Spray' podcast, that their game destroys the competition! Your Resident Evil warriors for today: George Trevor (Resident Evil Code Veronica), Joe Whyte (Resident Evil 4), Sonny Bauer (Resident Evil Remake), The Oracle Dragon (Resident Evil Survivor) Guest Judges: Steve & Psyniac (First Aid Spray podcast) In the event of a draw, you can vote for your winner here: Our survival horror mansion: