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Alien vs. Resident Evil Podcast #24 William Hope & Jolene Andersen



Celebrating two Survival Horror classic series, as interviews William Hope (Aliens, Resident Evil 3, Alien Isolation), and live-watches with Jolene Andersen (Alien: Specimen, Resident Evil 2), for a very special Alien vs. Resident Evil podcast! William Hope (Lieutenant Gorman in Aliens & Mikhail Viktor in Resident Evil 3) gives a fascinating insight into his auditions for legendary film director Stanley Kubrick, and his time on set with James Cameron & Sigourney Weaver. Jolene Andersen gifts us her actor's commentary, of the film chosen to celebrate Alien's 40th anniversary, 'Alien: Specimen', as we live-watch together, and afterwards we discuss her role in Resident Evil 2, as iconic spy Ada Wong! To live-watch Alien: Specimen along with us, for Jolene's actor's commentary: Survival Horror news: