Elimination Of The Snakes

Elimination of the Snakes - Show #614



eots@email.com Elimination of the Snakes - Home | Facebook Life and political podcast. Smoke from the fires out west making it a little hazy here in Wisconsin. Dan went to the zoo with his grandchildren. Fact or Crap: One right for Dan, none for John. Mailbag: One from Earl: Illinois is the first U.S. state to ban police from lying to minors. Good news stories: Vet successfully performs surgery on graceful tree frog less than 2cm in length. Teen heading to the military raised $38,000 by cutting off his 19-inch Afro. He gave the money to help kids with cancer. The not so good news stories: If your not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. GET VACCINATED!!! California approves 1st state-funded universal basic income plan. Chiropractor for US Olympic wrestling team sorry for COVID protocol-Nazi post. America: Land of the perpetually offended. Milwaukee Bucks!!!