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Letter to Sangha and Supporters - June 2017



To: Zenwest members, associates, patrons, and donors   From: Eshu Osho, Zenwest Board, and members of the Zenwest strategic planning group   Dear friends and supporters of Zenwest,   In our global community, locally, and within our Sangha, the past 3 years have been filled with change. We are writing to talk with you about the changes we have been discussing over the past eight months as part of the 2017 strategic planning process.   Some of you are already familiar with Zenwest’s current model, while for others this is new information. To ensure that everyone has access to the background information to help you understand the history and context for our proposed changes, we have included as an appendix to this letter an overview of the developments in Zenwest that led to the current model, written by Eshu Osho who provides his perspective from 22 years of practicing with Zenwest and 13 years as Abbot.   The model that Zenwest has been operating under since 2005 served Zenwest well for many years. Unfortunate