Clarity On Fire

Egregiously single & forever alone with Rachel (new podcast coming!)



So … I did a thing. A BIG thing. And since it’s my (well, our) podcast, I’m allowed to make Kristen interview me about the big thing I’ve done. ;)   Back in January, when Kristen and I were trying out (and massively resisting) The Artist’s Way, an idea fell nearly fully formed, into my lap:   I want to create my own podcast about my ridiculously long, weird, confusing, painstaking journey through singledom. I knew immediately how I wanted it to sound, what stories I wanted to tell, what the art could look like, what the chapters would be called … I just needed to sit down and actually make it.   The idea was so potent that it wouldn’t let me sleep, for nights in a row, until I started writing it all down—it poured out, almost faster than I could keep up with.    I’ve been working on it in fits and bursts ever since, and next Wednesday, August 18—my birthday, as a matter of fact—I’m dropping the first episode of my new miniseries, Forever Alone: One introverted millennial’s half-agonizing, half-hopeful journey