Clarity On Fire

Message from the Universe: Watch a spark turn into a flame



Honing your intuition is one of the most important parts of getting clear on who you are, what you want, and where you’re headed. Without it, you’re like a GPS with bad reception — you’re not going to get very clear guidance, and you may end up driving in circles.   But honing your intuition can take time and practice, so sometimes it’s nice to piggyback off of another GPS you can trust, even if it’s just long enough to check your directions.    So, in that spirit, here’s another Message from the Universe episode for you! Tune in if you need a little clarity, guidance, or just a fun pick-me-up.    Today we pulled a few cards from The Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid. One or all has a message for you — come find out what it is!    This one BLEW OUR MINDS, so we’re thinking it might resonate with you, too. ;)   Click here to see the cards, as well as read the description of each! And after you listen, come leave a comment to share how this one spoke to you.   JOIN THE CLARITY ON FIRE COMMUNITY!   You sh