Clarity On Fire

Side Chat: How to make yourself stick to your commitments



Most of us are pretty good at certain kinds of commitments: We’ll be true to our partners, loving and supportive parents to all types of children (furry or human), dedicated family members, and diligent co-workers and leaders. Buuut then we’ll completely drop the ball when it comes to commitments to ourselves. We get asked a lot, “How can I stay consistent when I commit to something?? It drives me nuts that I say I want to do something, and then can’t make myself keep doing it!” So, in today’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re diving into an easy adjustment you can make that will help you stay a little truer to yourself. We got into… How your efforts to stay consistent are, ironically, probably making it even harder to follow through. How to create a “menu of options” for getting things done that allows you more freedom and flexibility without throwing structure out the window. A few examples of how we’ve been using this new system, personally and with clients, and the positive results we’re seeing! And, completel