Clarity On Fire

You can always choose again with Emily Florence



Some of the most interesting people I know are the ones who’ve had a winding, twisting, irregular career path — starting out doing one thing, then dabbling in something else, and then taking a massive left turn into a whole new arena. These people have unique perspectives and loads of fascinating stories that never seem to run out. They also tend to have very few regrets because they’ve played out many of their “what if” daydreams in real life. And yet, most people are also terrified to take an unconventional career path that doesn’t follow on the linear “perfect resume” format we’ve all been taught is correct.  So what gives? Why are we so attracted to people with the most interesting (read: nonlinear) paths in life, and yet we feel so resistant to becoming one of them? It all comes down to fear: fear of failure, fear of what people will think, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of disappointment, and on and on. That’s why I’m excited to have Emily Florence on the podcast today. She felt all of tho