Clarity On Fire

You don’t owe anyone with Caroline Garnet McGraw



We didn’t need an excuse to interview our Internet-friend-we’ve-never-actually-met-in-real-life, Caroline Garnet McGraw. BUT, she did sort of whisper the magic words that made it painstakingly obvious we HAD to talk to her: “I used to be in a cult. And I was good at it.” Best elevator pitch ever. Caroline’s first book, You Don’t Owe Anyone: Free Yourself From the Weight of Expectations is getting published in April, and we got to sit down with her to talk about her journey from INTENSE people-pleaser to free and self-expressed human. This one goes out to all of you people-pleasers, perfectionists, high achievers and highly sensitives, as well as anyone who struggles to let go of guilt and prioritize your own needs. We got into… How growing up in a religious cult trained Caroline to please everyone but herself. The physical and mental symptoms you can expect when you’re suffering under the weight of other people’s expectations. Why “not owing anyone” isn’t selfish, and how to rid yourself of guilt for priori