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Side Chat: How to spot a red, green, or yellow flag



A few weeks ago one of Rachel’s clients shared a very interesting conundrum: She’s wading through the world of dating apps, which is a masterclass in practicing discernment and listening to your intuition, as many of you know! She said, “I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying red flags right off the bat. And I’m also seeing some green flags—signs someone is respectful and shares the same values as me. But I’m struggling at identifying yellow flags. What do I do when I run into something that, in the moment, doesn’t feel like a red flag, but in hindsight, maybe it was? Was I ignoring my intuition? Should I have known better?” This deserves a whole episode, if you ask us! So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat we’re diving into how to spot the differences between red, green, and yellow flags. We got into… Why red and green flags have more in common than yellow flags, and why the approach when encountering a yellow flag is so different. How to define what counts as a red, green, or yellow flag—Some are univers