Clarity On Fire

Magic 8-Ball: Navigating a toxic workplace with Stacy Campesi



This is one of those conversations that’s going to be applicable to 99.9% of you, because who hasn’t experienced a toxic workplace at some point in their life?? Whether you’re a college student folding clothes at the mall or a Senior VP at a large firm, toxicity ABOUNDS — in the form of cattiness, disengagement, resentment, and groupthink, to name a few culprits. In this month’s Magic 8-Ball episode we brought back this classic from two years ago, because if anything, the pandemic has made wading through the mire of a toxic workplace even more stressful and complicated than ever. Listen in as Stacy Campesi, one of our very best friends, shares her well-earned wisdom about how to navigate a toxic work environment. We talked about: The relationship between toxic workplaces and “good-girl syndrome.” Why “toxic” is a misused word, and why using it makes the problem worse. How we can identify an unhealthy environment ahead of time, before we ever make a commitment. When to stick it out, and when it’s OK to bail.