Clarity On Fire

Finding a new job in 24 hours with Christina Hart



If 2020 left you a bit world weary and you’re craving a spark of hope, optimism, and magic … today’s episode might be just what the doctor ordered. Christina Hart’s story is about finding a new job, and in record time to boot! But it’s also about something much deeper than that: trusting that things are always ultimately working out for you and opening up for life to surprise and delight you. Tune in to this week’s episode with a normal person to get inspired by Christina’s story. Kristen asked Christina about… How she built up the confidence to finally speak up for herself (even to her boss!), and the unexpected outcome of that. The story of how she quit her job with no plan, and ended up unemployed for less than 24 hours in the midst of a global pandemic. The seemingly magical bread crumb trail she followed that led her to the perfect next job. Her personal journey of building her intuition and trust in the universe, and her advice for how you can start developing this for yourself. After you’ve listened,