Clarity On Fire

Side Chat: End-of-2020 Confessions



If you’re reading this, congratulations. You made it to the last days of 2020—maybe exhausted, burnt out, lost, confused, and a little worse for wear—but nevertheless, you did it. And if ever a year needed processing, it’s this one. So, in our final episode of the year we’re sitting down to work through some feeling and make some confessions. We got into… How the “no expectations for the rest of 2020” challenge went—in an interesting plot twist, Kristen is feeling saltier than Rachel for potentially the first time ever. Two confessions from Rachel, one of which she’s positive you’re going to hate (Kristen sure did!) Some VERY helpful do’s and don’ts for analyzing how this year went for you. A big question to help lift your spirits as we go into 2021. Leave a comment after you’ve listened to share how this one landed—there’s a lot to unpack! LAST DAY OF CLARITY IN A TIME OF COVID! 2020 has been a YEAR, and you deserve something good! So, through the end of TODAY (Friday, December 18), you can get access to t