Baldwin Berges Podcast




Ever since we started mass advertising we always aimed at putting as much makeup on our products and services as they can hold. You know, the burgers they stuff into the foam boxes at McDonals or Burger King simply don't look the same the ones on their marketing materials. Walk past a bank branch and the stock photo depictions of smiley, happy people look nothing like their real customers. I know I am generalising here but the point is that we have been trained to expect this kind of marketing. In a way, it helps because our brain knows it is being marketed to. And even though deep down inside, we know that it is all a fantasy. I'm not saying that it doesn't work because we all know it is effective. But every now and then we get confronted with something so genuine and authentic it can break the rules and earn our trust on the spot. In this short podcast I go on a short rant about why keeping it real is often the best option to follow.