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#055: Wisdom Crystallized: What is Sufi Metaphysics? w/ Mohammed Rustom



We speak about the course Wisdom Crystallized: Sufi Metaphysics in 21 Verses. Mohammed Rustom is Associate Professor of Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Studies in the College of the Humanities at Carleton University. He obtained a PhD from the University of Toronto in 2009, specializing in Islamic philosophy and literature. Professor Rustom has been the recipient of a number of academic distinctions and prizes, which include the Ibn ‘Arabi Society Latina’s Tarjuman Prize, The Institute of Ismaili Studies’ Annemarie Schimmel Fellowship, Iran’s World Prize for the Book of the Year, and Senior Fellowships courtesy of the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute’s Library of Arabic Literature and Humanities Research Fellowship programs. An internationally recognized scholar whose works have been translated into over ten languages, Professor Rustom’s research focuses on non-Western philosophy in general, and post-Avicennian Islamic philosophy in particular. He is