Stephen J. Kosmyna

Manifestation - Your Word Accomplishes



You are either attracting what you want or pushing it away. And you do this with your thoughts, your state of consciousness and your words. The words you speak, both within the inner dialogue that you participate in all day long and your spoken words, out loud and with others, attract conditions and experiences. The "pushing it away" is actually the attracting of what you don't want into your experience by your dominating thoughts and feelings along with the words you speak. So many neglect this aspect as they deliberately go about the process of creating an ideal personal and professional life experience. Our words are so powerful. We have learned this from all the great teachers, philosophers, theologians and mystics. It's not enough to just spend twenty minutes a day doing visioning and visualization exercises every morning and evening. You have to move into your ideal life at once, living from it not merely thinking of it. Watching the words we use with ourselves and with others is one way we can be sure