Stephen J. Kosmyna

Paradigm Purge – Manifestation Starts Here



So many people want to skip this part when it comes to manifesting the life they would love to live, personally and professionally. I see this all the time with individuals, small businesses and corporations. The individual sees some magic webinar or course offering stating they can learn how to manifest anything they want and it will show up tomorrow. Many small businesses being run by individuals fall into this trap also. I see corporations as well that want to change corporate culture so they bring in the so called culture experts, they may even have one on staff, and they're charged with changing the corporate energy and feeling. Yet nothing changes because the underlying nature of why things are they way they are in the first place has been totally ignored. So often it seems that no one wants to do the basics, the "pre-season" workout stuff that is necessary for deliberate and intentional manifestation / change to take place. Identifying and purging old worn out paradigms is the fundamental work that nee