Enoughness With Lisa Wang

32. Rewriting Modern Love Stories with Vika Viktoria



Traditional love stories make us believe that two people fall in love and live happily ever after. The reality of modern dating is the exact opposite -  failed communication, suboptimal timing, bad texting, cheating, and misunderstandings - every once in awhile a love story succeeds, but now, even the definition of a successful relationship is up for interpretation. A ring on her finger and a nice house are no longer the ultimate goals, and as more women prioritize their careers and become financially independent, what does a real partner look like?  In this episode, Lisa chats with award-winning storyteller Vika Viktoria about how they are reclaiming their voices and re-writing their own life stories - romantically, professionally, and personally. They discuss: How to bring love into your life without without a partner Why healthy masculinity is so important How to set boundaries and prioritize self-worth and respect in dating The concept of antifragility and how to use it in re-writing your n