Enoughness With Lisa Wang

31. Enoughness IRL: Coaching Session



Every narrative we tell ourselves benefits us in some way - even the negative ones. It's easy to take the role of the victim. When we normalize negative self-talk and blaming other people for our problems, we forsake the burden of responsibility for our own lives. It's easier to sit back, but in doing so we also give up our #power and #agency.   How the feeling of not being enough drives us How to replace passive negativity with proactive confidence and action How to identify and release narratives that are no longer serving us How to achieve "Fierce Focus" to prioritize the things that matter most  In this week's episode of the #Enoughness podcast Lisa conducts a live coaching session with several female leaders in her coaching program. Learn more and work with Lisa at Lisawang.co/coaching --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/enoughness-lisa-wang/support