Enoughness With Lisa Wang

30. How to Release Your Ego with Shalini Sarena Bahad



Without realizing it, most of us fall into the rat race. Chasing a life that we believe is shinier, better than our present one. But what is it that you're chasing? Is it more money? More recognition? More awards? And if so, what would attaining those things bring you? Would it make you feel validated? Would it make you feel powerful and successful?  In this episode, we discuss how to examine our goals and release our attachments to external validation and ego. Once we do, we can discover that these are sensations and feeling states that we already have within us. Nothing external can categorize or define us.  Shalini Sarena Bahad is an international mindset coach, yoga teacher, holistic healer and entrepreneur. She believes deeply in the importance of taking care of yourself and keeping healthy along your growth and ascension journey.  We discuss: Why releasing your attachment to the ego is so important Why focusing on future ‘Potential’ can be detrimental to the present How to slow dow