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23. Manifest Your Empire with Jess Mah, Founder and CEO of Indinero



Jess Mah is the Founder and CEO of Indinero, the multimillion dollar B2B startup accounting software company employing 300+ employees. She’s been named Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc 30 under 30, and has graced the cover of Inc Magazine. Despite being a straight C student throughout high school and struggling through depression, she made one decision that changed her entire life. She decided to believe in herself when no one else would. Jess’s story is one of ambition and determination, after she raised her first $1 million in funding, she burned through all of it and had to rebuild from the beginning. Even when no one would give her more money, she kept going. She believed in her ability to create impact, to run a massive company and to change how leadership and companies are run. How did she have the confidence when she didn't have the degree, the financial background, or the network? In this interview, Jess shares exactly how she was able to manifest her empire. Join The GLOW: https://www.TheGLOW.org/coaching Con