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20. How to Lead with Strength and Kindness with Fran Hauser, Best-Selling Author, Myth of The Nice Girl



Fran Hauser is a best-selling author and successful startup investor,  and she did not have to sacrifice her personality to achieve it. In her book, The Myth of the Nice Girl , Fran talks about how to bring your best self to work, and how to achieve a career you love without becoming a person you hate. Learn how Fran successfully navigated her career in a leadership style true to herself,  how to successfully transition between roles, how to build trust with managers, and the key to pitching an investor or mentor to invest in you. Fran gives us simple, actionable strategies that can change your career today. In this episode, you will learn: The unproductive territory of people-pleasing (5:24) When Fran began thinking of herself as a leader (6:37) Why you need to be known for something (9:06) How to choose a path when you are at a crossroads (19:33) Why you must separate the personal from the professional when hiring (35:40) Ways to cultivate and keep trust (41:56) Concepts from the book that re