Enoughness With Lisa Wang

19. Beth Comstock, former GE Vice Chair & CMO: Create Confidence in Your Ambitions



Beth Comstock, GE's former CMO and first ever female Vice Chair, is fresh off the release of her new book,  Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change. where she shares what she’s had to do throughout her career to overcome self-doubt, the best risks she’s ever taken, and how women in particular can learn to get comfortable with being ambitious.  Despite her decades of success, she admits to a lifelong struggle with painful shyness and lack of confidence. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her biggest hardships (like single motherhood) and mistakes (that nearly cost her huge promotions) either. Beth shares what it means to have social courage, how you can build it into your daily habits, and what it can do for your life and career. In This Episode, You Will Learn: The unexpected and less-than-glamorous side of becoming an author. [3:12] How becoming a single mother spurred Beth into action. [9:07] What’s in Beth’s own internal monologue of insecurity, and how she fights it. [10:59]