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TA 21: Get Smarter About Goal Making (not just setting)



This is the time of year when so many of us start to take stock of the year that passed and the one that’s coming. It’s that time that we start to think about what could be for the year ahead. There have been studies done that show that most people only accomplish a small fraction of their goals from year to year. Yet there are others that do much much more. There’s a simple way that you can make more of your goals happen, and more of your team’s goals happen, that requires little effort from you other than setting up an uncommon structure for them that involves transparency and dialog around progress … the ULTIMATE leading indicator. Great teams do this way better than the rest … update your goals to SMART2 goals and make your results change like never before. If you want a structure to help you do this, I want to give it to you. Please go to and sign up, we’ll send you the e-book that contains the secret structure that will build more scalable, even exponential results than you had