Beyond The Kill

EP 289: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, Training and Mindset



In this episode of Quick and Dirty, Wardo sits down with the Journal of Mountain Hunting Editior in Chief Adam Janke aka Jankinov. They break down last seasons training vs this season training, what changed, stayed the same, and was new. Last season there were some aerobic holes in Adam's game so Wardo dives into the training and mindset to get Adam back to pushing the pace at the front of the group. @drmattwarddc --------------------------- Quick & Dirty with Wardo is now on YouTube --------------------------- Check out the latest JOMH Film on YouTube: The Wind & The Wolves - A Hunter’s First Buck --------------------------- Go to and use code “WARDO” at checkout for 15% off your kit --------------------------- Use code "QuickandDirty" to get 25% off at --------------------------- Head to Black Rifle Coffee Company or Black Rifle Coffee Company Canada for 15% with the code “JOURNAL” --------------------------- If you are not a member of WSF, it’s time to