Beyond The Kill

EP 287: Quick & Dirty with Wardo, How to Taper Leading Up to a Hunt



On this episode of Quick and Dirty Wardo touches on how to taper leading up to a hunt. Spoiler alert you can’t get fit in 5 days before a 12 day hunt. @drmattwarddc --------------------------- Quick & Dirty with Wardo is now on YouTube --------------------------- Check out the latest JOMH Film on YouTube: The Wind & The Wolves - A Hunter’s First Buck --------------------------- Go to and use code “WARDO” at checkout for 15% off your kit --------------------------- Use code "QuickandDirty" to get 25% off at --------------------------- Head to Black Rifle Coffee Company or Black Rifle Coffee Company Canada for 15% with the code “JOURNAL” --------------------------- If you are not a member of WSF, it’s time to join the best managed conservation organization on the planet. Go to Wild Sheep Foundation to find a membership option that suits your budget and commitment to wild sheep.