Quiet Light Podcast

Success Story: Derek Teschner From Herb Affair



Quiet Light Brokerage client Derek Teschner and his father purchased Herb Affair, an herbal supplement ecommerce website, in 2012. Derek and his brother run the day-to-day operations. Derek’s father has operated his own construction business for over 30 years. Today Derek talks about how growing up in an entrepreneurial family has influenced the business and he addresses some of the issues they faced in the early stages after they took over Herb Affair. Derek said the website and customer base were two of the main things that attracted them to Herb Affair. He said when Herb Affair came across his desk a lightbulb went off and it seemed like the right fit for him. Derek’s company has more than 90 herbs and spices and 150 to 200 SKUs and has seen steady growth since Derek and his brother took over. He says that initially the herbal supplement world was a new thing to them and a lot of time was spent learning about the products and ecommerce. He talks about some of the things that have helped Herb Affair