Quiet Light Podcast

Success Story: How, Why, And When To Buy A Website



For potential website buyers many things factor into their decision on finding the right fit for them. Quiet Light Brokerage client Simon spends some time today discussing his process in looking for the right website. Simon has a digital media background and creates digital strategies for large companies. He knows he is looking to buy a website that has very specific characteristics in the healthcare space. We begin by discussing the buying versus building of websites. Simon favors buying an existing site because he knows what he is looking for and his needs are very specific. He’d rather find an existing online business website that addresses everything he is looking for and that he can scale. Simon is not in a rush to buy and is instead looking for the right fit. He explains his checklist in considering existing sites: A strategically sound business Something in the healthcare space where he is knowledgeable A niche market as opposed to mass market Large customer database in existence Solid Google