The Chick Whisperer Podcast

Risque Business: Sexual Conversation With Women - MTP265



My returning guest is the ever-charming Preity Uupala, who brought up the idea of sexual conversation as a topic. Who was I to miss the opportunity to hear from a woman about something so confusing to so many men? I mean, it's easy to wonder how we got nearly eight billion people on this planet when it's so hard for men and women to even talk about sex together, let alone have it. For sure, lots of guys are like the proverbial bull in a china shop when it comes to this. But in times like these, it's FAR more common for many of us to retreat from daring any sexual conversation with woman at all for fear of dire consequences. Meanwhile, women everywhere are craving flirty, sexy and even downright horny conversation with a man who understands the balance and can dance the dance of attraction. In this episode, Preity does her best to present her five rules of sexual conversation, and all the while I do my best to catch her off guard and mess up her composure. In the end, it's a compelling mix of solid information