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Everything You Never Learned About Sex - MTP264



If you're like any other red-blooded guy out there, the chances are very good that your father never told you about girls, dating and sex. Unfortunately, that left most of us to get what little information we got from deeply flawed sources. Even worse, most of us remained absolutely mystified by girls well into adolescence, early adulthood or possibly even beyond. Well, my guest Michael McPherson is on a one-man mission to make up for lost time. In this all-important episode we hit the ground running, talking first about WHY fathers can't seem to have the 'birds and bees' conversation with their sons--and how single moms (at best) don't tend to do much better. How has porn become the de facto teacher of sex for today's generation of boys...and what are the real-world ramifications of that? What does 'liquid courage' really teach us about sex? What happens when relationships become purely sex focused? How has not learning about women and sex at an early age affected our long-term vision of our own masculinity?