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Be A Man Of Influence Without Being A Manipulative Jerk -MTP261



My guest co-host this week is a disciple of Robert Cialdini himself, only not quite retired just yet and IMHO a bit more practical in how he speaks about his area of expertise. The topic, of course, is influence...more specifically, how to be more influential and gain personal power, all without being obnoxious, unethical or creepy about it. Why is it that so few men are truly influential? Could it be because most of us simply don't know how power and influence work? What is the relationship between wisdom, benevolence and leadership relative to influence? How about the art of persuasion...can it EVER be ethical, or is it simply a dirty word? What are the key differences between influence and straight-up manipulation? How is dating and attraction like sales? Let's just say solid sales strategies are VERY similar to effective attraction principles, whether you like it that way or not. Could that be why the pickup artist era was infamous for such manipulative or even flat-out sleazy tactics? Wait until you hear