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Success With Women Using Life's Golden Checklist - MTP258



When my guest Michael Lassen was on the show for the first time, you guys absolutely raved over the content he brought to the table. Now, he's back to talk about what he calls the 'The Golden Checklist', aka 'The Success Checklist'. By now you've probably heard of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life, Stephen Covey's concept of listing Unifying Principles, or even my own Depth Chart system for evaluating long-term relationship potential. You may have even formulated a 'bucket list' for yourself. But what Michael has done here is above and beyond all that. Drawing directly from the practices of Warren Buffett, this lightning in a bottle will empower you to sort out who you are, where you're going, and best of all...who the right woman is to invite into your reality. For years, Michael suffered through bad decisions like many of us do, and found himself wondering why he was where he was, and doing what he was doing. In this episode we break down Michael's methodology so you can replicate it yourself, ultimately